For Hospitals

Your Satisfaction. Our Vision.

NMA offers services to many healthcare institutions, including hospitals and clinics. The personnel at all of locations are specially trained so they understand how to use the equipment, how to educate patients on the monitoring procedures, and how to consult with the patients’ physicians and care providers to create a united, collaborative effort.

We provide in house billing assistance to hospitals. We make sure each and every question is answered correctly; and our department is ready to solve your billing issues 24/7.

We do all the legwork for hospitals when it comes to employee training, equipment purchase and liability. The equipment is quite expensive and a regular maintenance is needed; our specialists ensure the equipment is maintained properly.

We help you save money by offering effective outsourcing services. Not only this, we provide assistance in contract structuring and billing reviews as well.

NMA makes sure that they are clean, properly sanitized, and wellprepared to implementing these monitoring technologies.

When installing its equipment in healthcare institutions, NMA makes sure that they are clean, properly sanitized, and well-prepared to implementing these monitoring technologies. We would not have known the success we have known thus far if it were not for the hospitals that supported our efforts, provided us with equipment and space in the operating room, and encouraged us to go on even when funding was tight.

These hospitals offer their patients an environment where they can remain calm in the hours leading up to the surgery, educate themselves without feeling external pressure, and draw strength from their friends and family members during visiting hours. The right to be informed about one’s condition is a necessary part of patients’ rights. NMA guarantees that the hospitals for which it offers monitoring services ensure this fundamental right to their patients.