For Physicians

We specialize train all of our technologists to better administer treatments to their patients. That is the NMA difference

Better Outcomes. Our Promise

homearrow We provide an onsite technologist and an offsite telemonitoring physician in order to make sure your surgeon gets the feedback immediately.

Our technologists are trained not only in standard medical procedures, but they also receive specialized training.

Because of their training and cutting-edge support, surgeons are able to administer the treatments to their patients–in particular, making sure that patients remain calm before they are sedated–interpret the data that’s retrieved, and discuss the results with their patients. Thanks to their special training, they know how to answer patients’ questions, alleviate their concerns, and more generally calm them down (as well as their families) before they undertake a procedure.

We ensure the best services so that surgeons are tactful, sensitive, and reasonable, so they are well-equipped in delivering the best services possible. In addition, they perform their tasks with immense precision. When working, they draw on many years of surgical experience, as well as interpersonal experience, medical experience, and experience as healthcare providers.

Our qualified technicians will also ensure that confidential information remains confidential. To paraphrase a popular phrase, “What happens in the operating room stays in the operating room”--unless, of course, a patient chooses to disclose such information. The obligation to keep one’s medical information confidential is part of professional as well as personal ethics, so NMA ensures that our surgeons are well-versed in patient rights.