Stop Monitoring In The Dark

Stop Monitoring In The Dark

NMA is on a mission to bring neuromonitoring technology, clinicians, and the incredible data we collect out of the cold forgotten corner of the operating room and into the bright lights of surgery. This starts with education focused well beyond answering questions on a test, training inclusive of the procedure as a whole, and technology advancements enabling a more inclusive monitoring experience.  This is why you hear us say, “Stop Monitoring in the Dark.” We have already started.

Our vision for this blog is along the same lines as our team’s mission. We hope someday it will be a place clinicians, administrators, physicians and more will trust as a source for discussion on research, issues related to our field, advancements, and more.  We believe the value of IONM, and our niche in healthcare, will become more obvious with more of us focused on delivering tangible value to patient care without question of motives. We plan to invite others to participate and contribute with hopes they will do so.

Thank you for spending a little time reading this first, brief post. If this blog serves as little more then an NMA company forum for collaboration and improvement it will be a success. If your time spent reading our contributions gives you something good to think about it will be worthwhile. At NMA, and on this blog, we seek to be better. We invite you all to “Stop Monitoring in the Dark.”

Thank You for your time.

Nick Luekenga

NMA Founder and CEO



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