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NMA Technology Advantage: AMP

Our team strives to differentiate itself through innovation which can be achieved through the goal of improving the status quo.

NMA has created a proprietary, patented, state-of-the-art technology known as AMP (Adaptive Monitoring Platform). AMP enables a type of real-time data presentation and interpretation to the surgeon and the entire surgical care team that has never been possible. AMP was created with the goal of improving patient safety and ensuring good surgical outcomes. AMP is the only technology to combine speed, sensitivity, specificity, and the critical thinking ability of a certified neuromonitoring clinician.

nma technology advantages

Most efficient clinical workflow for Best Clinical Outcomes with AMP

Benefits of AMP

  • 14% fewer alerts when using AMP vs. not-using *
  • Real time presentation of the neuromonitoring data that the surgeon needs to make immediate clinical decisions.
  • Auditory and visual feedback to help convey important information and alarms.
  • Complete transparency of monitoring communication.
  • Nerve Proximity Technology.
  • Communication synergy between monitoring, surgical, and anesthesia teams.
  • Decrease costs and predictability.
  • AMP is only available through NMA and is the first complete neuromonitoring system to empower surgeons with the confidence and ability to make informed clinical decisions.